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French company coming for a winter conference


At the end of January French company, operating in the field of construction, visited  Prague.

It was an annual conference, which purpose was to reward branch leaders for their hard work during the whole year. Senator paid for accommodation and all negotiations, as well as for common activities and evening entertainment of 250 conference participants.

When the destination was chosen, they opted for Marriott hotel in Prague, considering it to be an amazing place for the guests to stay in. It turned out to be a great choice, because everything went smoothly without any complications, due to the respectful and  accommodating approach of the hotel staff.

It is crutial to notice that the location where the meeting took place was the Congress hall in the new building of the National Museum (the former Federal Assembly). The atmosphere of high importance was preserved by the stately interiors, which definitely took away the breath of all the participants.

While planning the evening program we chose the classics, which would fit the majority of the guests, since 80% of those were gentlemen. Hence, during the first day they enjoyed folklore and Czech beer in the Municipal House, whereas second evening was conducted  in a more modern way in the premises of St. Agnes.

Fairly busy program ended in three days and to our delight all guests left more than satisfied.

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