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Spring workshop of the Czech Small Animal Veterinary Association


At the end of April, Senator participated in organisation of this year’s first event of the renewed Surgical Section of the Czech Small Animal Veterinary Association.

The first of a two-part cycle of workshops on “What you need to know when treating an orthopaedic patient”, which we would like to be the first in a tradition of “colleague friendly” workshops for practical veterinarians, took place in the EA Business Hotel in Jihlava. The workshop entitled “The world isn’t only black and white” was concerned with the foundation stone and cornerstone of orthopaedics, which is not X-ray examination, but clinical examination and localisation of pain and the sites that cause limping. This was a very practically oriented workshop intended for veterinarians in general practice, those beginning to find their place in orthopaedics, students in their final years at veterinarian faculties and also those who want to refresh their knowledge of proper examination procedures and reflect developments in the field.

The workshop also encompassed a practical presentation of individual ways of feeling a live dog under the guidance of the instructors at the workshop.

The second workshop in the cycle entitled “How to extract information from a black-and-white world”, which will deal with basic knowledge of X-ray examination, will be held in June and Senator will, of course, also be present!

Veterinary Association Workshop

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