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Hana Pertlová
Event Manager

on the highest
possible level.

Ivana Procházková

We all sail
on the same

Martina Pšeničková
Senior Office Manager

On our
Senator line
each and
every day.

Kateřina Dohnalová
Office Assistant

I would do
for you.

Martin Lehký
Partner / Managing Director

With us
you are never lost.

Michaela Pipek
Senior Travel Consultant

action, results.

Petra Lazarová
Senior Event Manager

Ideas worth

Lucie Papežová
Senior Event Manager

Power play
each and
every day.

Monika Pašková
Groups Manager

I create

Gabriela Pavlíčková
Senior Event Manager

In strong partnerships
we trust.

Together we will
make it under
all circumstances.

Barbora Fryčová
Event Manager

has to work

Kateřina Pochová
Office Manager

Let’s discover together
the hidden gems of Poland.

Karolina Pawlinska
Senior Event Manager / Agency Representative
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Senator Travel provides services in the domain of “MICE”, motivational and corporate travelling. The major impulse for the foundation of the Senator Meetings and Incentives company came from its founders’ long-term experience in working with agencies focused on incentive and congress tourism – from the client’s point of view.

Thanks to the gained experience from Czech as well as the Middle and Eastern European environment, which was even multiplied by long-term work in international companies, we decided to establish an agency specializing in congress, motivational and incentive travel for IT companies back in 2004. Our focus has been on the importance of high quality and 100% customer service right from the beginning.

Our growth is directly linked to our client’s initial satisfaction. The focus on full customers’ satisfaction simply paid off – the existing clients became loyal clients. Our new clients are spanning the globe and are from all circles of life and business. The growing portfolio of customers led to a broadening of the spectrum of services which Senator Travel provides – the agency became a member of IATA, we have added a new department dedicated to the business travel of Czech companies internationally. We expanded our services to foreign clientele coming to the Czech Republic by offering them exclusive packages. As well as the above-mentioned emphasis on the absolute customers’ satisfaction, we have built a solid reputation thanks to the innovative approach to providing services.

However, Senator Travel offers its clients not the unrealizable but rather the unforeseeable, which includes the opportunity to experience the unknown through unique adventures. At the same time, our clients can rely on us to always get the best care without any need to compromise. After all, we have a lot to build on having a long-standing experience working on both, clients’ and service providers’ side. Our team’s daily motivation is striving to meet our clients’ thirst for new avenues to explore.

Today the company has 15 full-time employees and offers services in three key areas:

We believe that our services will be of interest to you and that we will use any chance to prove that it is possible to find a trustworthy partner in the field of corporate travel.
Try us out and you will see the difference.

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Try us out and you will see the difference.

Martin Lehký
I founded the Senator Travel company in 2004, after working for international IT companies in the area of sales and marketing through partners for more than 8 years. I decided to start my own company, which focuses on services in congress and incentive tourism. It´s already 13 years of operating and working for our clients and I love it as much as I did on the first day. I like to spend my free time in remote places that are not known to tourist and can provide me with the necessary space for rest and relaxation.
Kateřina Hájková
I’m the sales director and partner in Senator Meetings & Incentives company. I studied tourism at the Economic University of Prague. I have been working in the travel industry for 21 years; 11 years I worked in a travel agency of Czech Airlines, and now I am 11 years with Senator already. I am working on larger projects and travelling a lot for the purpose of obtaining new clients and inquiries. I am also responsible for the creative part of the company and my job is to ensure, that Senator is staying service oriented with tailor made solutions for each customer.  Leisure time, what’s that please? Perhaps, you mean on what I do in between work for Senator and care of my family (husband Ales, Linda 10 years, Alice 13 years, cat Zofka and hairy mini rabbit Tymian).  At this moment, I love swimming, music, movies and meeting with friends.
Kateřina Dohnalová
I have been working at Senator for more than five years. Before starting here, I worked for large company were everything was impersonal and therefore family-like team at Senator was very nice and a welcome change. Working as a part of good team is a big motivation for myself. Every morning I look forward to new working day and fighting with other administrative obstacles and challenges.
Andrea Hantscherová
I have been working in the travel industry over than 25 years and I joined Senator Travel in spring 2005.  I am responsible for a portfolio of long-term clients. We are organizing company events, conferences, congresses and incentive events. Even after all these years, I still enjoy my work. My leisure time I love to spend with my family and friends, enjoying in culture, good food and drink and of course, I love to travel.
Monika Pašková
After finishing the Secondary Hotel School in Prague, I have worked in the hotel industry as a receptionist and reservation manager for two years. My high school specialization was management and running of the hotels. I also graduated from the Business School of Commerce – Trade Academy with a Bachelor’s degree focused on subjects of tourism, airline transportation and banking. Overall, I have been working in the hotel and travel industry for 18 years now. In the past 16 years, I focused mostly on the Canadian and the US market with special interest groups such as pilgrimage, cultural tours, sports and student groups, airline and industrial conferences. I am very keen on sports especially recreational badminton and swimming, but my passion is to watch, organize and be involved in many different sport disciplines. And last but not least, I like traveling, good cuisine, jazz music and animals.
Hanka Pertlová
I have been working for Senator Travel since 2009. I gained various experiences during my previous jobs in the hotel industry. At Senator I am responsible for organizing company events with special focus on services connected to participation at Medical congresses worldwide. I enjoy working with people. In my leisure time, I like all kinds of sport, cinema, meeting friends and reading books.
Kateřina Pochová
I have been working in the travel business for almost 25 years, ten of these years for Senator Travel. Until 2014 I was in charge of the leisure/conference and incentive groups from the Scandinavian, French Canadian and Belgian market. I am open-minded about working with other nationalities as well. My job is my big hobby, I like to be in touch with clients and I seek to provide them with the best service possible. Their satisfaction is the biggest motivation for me. Since January 2015 I´ve started on new working position – Office Manager. My job is to ensure smooth functionality of our company, both in terms of organization as well as legal. My other hobbies are mainly my dog Annie (who is very small, but very noisy), traveling, films and music.
Vendula Topičová
I have started my career in Paris as a Project Manager in the advertising industry. Since 2010, I have been working in business travel as an event manager and specializing in the French speaking market. Before that I studied political science and international relations at the Charles University in Prague and at the Sorbonne University in Paris. In my free time I like singing in the choir, practicing Tai Chi Chuan and I love traveling around the world, especially to Japan as I am fascinated by their culture and cuisine.
  Barbora Fryčová
For a long time, I thought that my way is work in the hotel industry. However, once I came in touch with organization of events, I knew this is my real journey and mission. Currently, in Senator Travel team, I pay particular attention to the congresses in the Czech Republic and abroad. In my free time, I enjoy traveling, walking in the mountains, playing the beach volleyball with my friends and practicing yoga.
Gabriela Pavlíčková
I joined the Incoming Team of Senator Meetings & Incentives in February 2015. After graduating from high school, I worked five seasons abroad as a travel guide. Before my start in Senator, I was responsible for International Events in Automotive Industry. Now, I have perfect match of both my passions – Tourism and Events. Since I have a bachelor degree in Sports Marketing, I am keen sportsman amateur and I love being surrounded by emotions that sport offers. I like to spend my free time with my puppy Eduard and reading good detective novels.
Petra Lazarová
I started working in the travel industry when I was studying at the university. My first job assignment in the field was a tourist guide. Next, I accepted the position of a project manager and an event organiser, focusing on French and Italian clients. I am a proud native of Prague and therefore I love promoting my home town. While walking along its twisted streets and hidden corners, there are always new places to discover, which is appreciated not only by me but many filmmakers as well. Besides the historical sights, I am interested in film, particularly the classical films. I also like modern theatre and good food – the combination of both can be found plentiful in Prague. After working for 20 years in the field of MICE, I still enjoy my work and it pleases me greatly.
Lucie Papežová
I have been working in business and incentive tourism as an event manager for more than 15 years. After long time experience in the travel industry, I joined the team of the Senator Meetings & Incentives in January 2016. My work offers me many challenging tasks and while working on organizing various events I have an opportunity to meet many interesting people of different professions which I consider very fulfilling. In my leisure time, I love traveling around the world. I am fascinated by different cultures and history, as well as by beauty and variety of nature. I never miss a chance to take photographs and share my memories with my friends and family. If not traveling, I relax reading novels and I am a big fun of ballet and classical opera.
Martina Pšeničková
I have been working for Senator Travel from January 2016. When I graduated at the College of Foreign trade and Tourism I decided to spent couple of years in the United States to learn English and to get experience by traveling there. In the United States I had a chance to work for one big Hotel chain and I realized that hotel business could be my future work. Therefore I decided to take the opportunity to work for Four Seasons Hotel Prague. I was employed there as a assistant to the General Manager for 9 years. After my maternity leave I found the chance to work for Senator as a Senior Office Manager. I´m very happy that Senator Travel is a friendly company with nice approach to their employees, oriented to the details and focus to each of their clients. I´m responsible for social networks, marketing tasks and other administrative, organization support to the Event department. In my leisure time I like to be with my family, we are fans of all kind of sports. I´m trying to accept every situation in my life, accept all challenges, as acceptance of these challenges opens the door to peace, calmness and solution.
 senator-pipek-232x165-1610 Michaela Pipek
Traveling is in my blood since my childhood, it was ‘given’ to me in the cradle. I have been working in the field of tourism more than 19 years and I know it from both sides, as a traveler and as an operator. I always wanted a job where I will be close to flying and traveling.
And so, my entire professional life I am walking towards new and new challenges and the word „impossible“ is for me the greatest motivation. I joined Senator in September 2016.
Ildiko Kovacs Ildikó Kovács
I  joined Senator Travel in March 2017 and I am responsible for Hungarian market. I gained experience at my previous working places as an Event Coordinator where I organized conferences, social events and arranged hotel accomodations, flight tickets etc.  I am looking forward to new challenges and meeting interesting people and places since I am very fond of travelling to different destinations, discovering new countries and learning things about unknown culture, history, customs, habits…. In my spare time I like visiting my family and relatives, meeting my friends, listening to music, reading books and paying attention to the latest fashion and happenings in the world.
Karolina Pawlinska  Karolina Pawlinska
I  joined Senator Travel in March 2017 and I´m representing the company in Poland. I graduated Marketing and Management. I have over 20 years of experience in the MICE, as I started to work at the beginning of my studies and I am continuing till now. I mostly gained my experience in Poland, but also abroad (France, US, Germany…). I love working on the divers projects e.g. tours, events, conferences and organize it from A to Z!  I always do my best to fulfill the most sophisticated demands of my clients.
Apart of the work I love to spend time with my family and friends, visit new places, going to the theater and the cinema.  I am interested in the sustainable fashion, ecofriendly products and healthy food.
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